Zaragoza's Definitive Tapas Guide

A tapa (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtapa]) is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine. Tapas may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or hot (such as croquettes or patatas bravas). In some bars and restaurants in Spain, like in Zaragoza, tapas have evolved into a more sophisticated cuisine. Tapas can be combined to make a full meal.

El Tubo is a network of narrow streets of Zaragoza that houses the main tapas area of the city and the most traditional. It can be accessed directly from Plaza de España and is formed by the area between El Coso, Alfonso I, Don Jaime I and Mendéz Núñez. The streets that make up this area are: 4 de Agosto, Mártires, Libertad, Ossau, Cinegio, Estébanes, Blasón Aragonés, Pino and Plaza Sas. Highlights include the legendary singing cafe El Plata or the very old restaurant Casa Lac, one of the oldest in Spain and Europe dating from 1825.

Casa Amador

What to have

  • Tortilla Deconstruida
    Spanish tortilla made with potatoes and (running) eggs

  • Encecinado
    Dried meat with "secret" sauce

  • Guardia civil
    Herring with pimiento strips and sweet-and-sour cucumber (also spicy option)

Bar el Circo

What to have

  • Tortilla Española
    Spanish tortilla made with potatoes and (running) eggs

  • Torreznos
    Fried large slice of bacon

Meli del tubo

What to have

  • Cave Ovum
    Crunchy sachet with mushrooms, bacon and egg over carbonara of "torrezno"

  • La Paca
    Cod sandwich with vegetables and alioli sauce

  • Vermut Tisana


What to have

  • Bula (tapa)
    Marinade Iberian pork on bread with tomato

Casa Lac

What to have

  • Pencas de Acelga
    Traditional Aragonian

  • Pimientos Cristal
    Grilled green peppers

  • Pochas de Tudela con piparra
    Beans with capers

Caza Ostras

What to have

  • Ostras y Cava

Oysters and Cava

  • Foie tapa
    Hand made foie with jam

Doña Casta

What to have

  • Croquetas
    Croquettes of several different tastes

  • Huevos rotos
    Broken eggs with Ham or foie

El Cantábrico seafood

What to have

  • Chipirones con hevo frito
    Baby squid with fried egg

  • Mejillones de Roca

La Viña

What to have

  • Berenjena en tempura
    Eggplant tempura with sweet sauce and sesame

  • Brocheta de cordero
    Lamb skewers

El Ángel del pincho

What to have

  • Hoja de borraja en tempura
    Borage leaf tempura

  • Empanadas argentinas
    Argentine empanadas