Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications


The main objective of this special session is to disseminate knowledge about recent developments, challenges and research trends related to aerial robotics when used in different application domains linked to the area of industrial and structural inspections. In this way, this special session seeks to generate a forum for presentations and discussions on the knowledge of the state of the art, applications and technological gaps within the context of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

The scientific and technical results presented in this special session will contribute to disseminating knowledge linked to aerial robotics. Future authors are invited to submit articles on any topics listed below.


  • Artificial intelligence applications and decision support systems

  • Collision avoidance system

  • Energy and power management

  • Hardware design for UAV system

  • Multi-robot systems cooperation

  • SLAM algorithm

  • Real Time Object detection

  • Sensors for aerial robotic inspection

  • UAV-based automatic inspection

  • UAV-based diagnosis, prognosis and forecasting

  • Visual object tracking in unmanned aerial vehicle


  • José Lima, CeDRI/INESC TEC, Portugal

  • Milena Pinto, CEFET-RJ, Brasil

  • Guido Szekir, CeDRI/UTAD, Portugal