Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics


Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics investigates the application of robotics in therapy procedures for recovering motor control and motor capabilities in persons with impairment following accidents or diseases such as strokes. It also aims at developing robotic aids for independent living for elderly and disabled people. With the growth of the elderly and disabled population in Europe, in the last decades, this area is getting more and more important for robotics.

This special session aims to bring together robotic researchers both at academic and industrial level worldwide with emphasis for the Iberian community, performing research on Rehabilitation and Assistive robotics.


  • Rehabilitation robotics

  • Assistive robotics

  • Human-robot interfaces

  • Limb rehabilitation

  • Robotic prosthesis


  • Brígida Mónica Faria, Polytechnic of Porto (ESS - P.PORTO), Portugal

  • Juan C. Moreno, Cajal Institute, Spain

  • Luis Paulo Reis, University of Porto, Portugal

Program committee

  • Marcelo Petry - INESC TEC's - Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems Center

  • Alejandro Linares-Barranco - University of Seville

  • Cristina Santos – University of Minho


  • Alicia Casals - Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

  • Marco Ceccarelli - University of Cassino

  • Filomena Soares - University of Minho

  • Antonio J. del Ama - Rey Juan Carlos University

  • Andrés Úbeda - University of Alicante

  • Eduardo Iáñez - Miguel Hernández University of Elche

  • Nuno Lau - university of Aveiro

  • Armando Sousa - university of Porto

  • Manuel Silva - ISEP-IPP and INESC TEC CRIIS

  • António Paulo Moreira - University of Porto