Localization systems for autonomous mobile robots


The demand for the automation of tasks increased significantly in recent years, especially with Industry 4.0. Consequently, the demand for reliable autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) increased as well since these types of robots can perform their tasks without any supervision. However, for them to perform, they require a reliable localization system because the accuracy of their actions is strictly dependent on it. Therefore, this special session will give space for research works in one of the crucial areas in autonomous robotics, localization systems. Thus, authors are invited to submit their works on the following topics.


  • Indoor localization systems for AMRs

  • Outdoor localization systems for AMRs

  • Sensor fusion algorithms

  • Computer vision-based localization for AMRs

  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

  • Approaches in simulation

  • Approaches and applications in real scenarios


  • José Lima, CeDRI-IPB/INESC TEC, Portugal

  • Paulo Costa, FEUP/INESC TEC, Portugal

  • João Braun, CeDRI, Portugal