Best practices and Lessons Learnt in Robotics Applied to Inspection and Maintenance


Inspection and maintenance applications is one of the sectors where it is expected a major growth of robotic systems. However, there is still a lot of challenges and barriers to overcome to start operating robotic systems at scale in inspection and maintenance operations.

This special session has the objective to share the lessons learnt and best practices in the use of robotic systems in inspection and maintenance applications. This is quite important for the robotics community. First, to identify the most challenging current problems to be solved. Secondly to share acquire knowledge and avoid reinvent the wheel for already solved problems.

The session expects the participation of some of the major European robotics projects related to I&M applications.


  • Field robotics

  • Operational robotic systems

  • Inspection systems based on robots

  • Autonomous robots


  • Antidio Viguria (CATEC, Spain)

  • Anibal Ollero (University of Seville, Spain)

Program Committee

  • Francisco Javier Pérez Grau (CATEC, Spain)

  • Konstantinos Loupos (INLECOM, Greece)

  • Cesar Cadena (ETHZ, Switzerland)

  • Henrik Lundkvist (SINTEF, Norway)

  • Bartomeu Rubí (University of Seville, Spain)